A baby step towards our green hour

True confessions: we haven’t done too good on our Be Out There Challenge for the National Wildlife Foundation. The challenge was to take one week and be outside for one hour every day. Click here to find out what we did on Day One. Then, we kind of fell off the wagon. I blog about it here. However, in an attempt to redeem myself and my family, we’ve decided to take a different approach and start a new week. I’m calling it Baby Steps.  So, on our way back from Houston, we did decide to stop at a rest stop *instead* of McDonald’s where there are cold drinks and wifi. {{patting my son on the back for coming up with the idea}}

Here’s some of what we saw.

I should mention (for those of you who care), my role as a founding mother for the National Wildlife Foundation is strictly unpaid and voluntary. Okay – they did send my son a panda bear after his surgery and some Ranger Rick magazines. But me – I didn’t even get the retro Ranger Rick t-shirt that apparently all the other moms got.  So I can confidently say no commercial messages were harmed in the making of this disclaimer.

I <3 buttercups!

He never saw it coming!

Who put that there?

Party on the handlebars!

A beautiful bouquet!

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  1. We love the rest stops between here and Houston. This post tells a great story!

  2. We love getting out and stretching our legs at rest areas. We go back and forth to St. Louis and we know which rest areas have playgrounds. Yes, it lengthens the drive, but the kids have a better disposition when they can get out and blow off some steam and get some fresh air.

    Can’t beat free WIFI and cold drinks!

  3. Debi – I think baby steps are a brilliant way to approach the challenge! And you could never have *planned* something as wonderful as discovering a rusty bike stuck in a tree and covered in caterpillars!


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