Monday Math: Today’s prize is a Lucas Miller CD

Welcome to Twyla’s Corner, where each Monday, I’ll post a question from the Blue Filing Box of math problems. First person to post the right answer wins a CD from my all-time favorite children’s/zoologist/silly/author/Austinite/scientifically-correct/learning/sing-about-snakes/all-around-good-guy musician of all time – Lucas Miller.

Who’s Where For What?

1. There are 6 prison cells. The calls are next to each other and numbered 1 through 6. There are 2 murderers, a burglar, a kidnapper, a blackmailer and a forger. Their names are Fred, Joe, Lou, Max, Ronnie and Barney.

2. The cells of the two murderers are next to each other. The two murderers do not have the same number of letters in their first names. One of the murderers is 26.

3. Fred who is in cell 2 is between the kidnappers and Lou. The kidnappers and the man in cell 3 are the ones under 30.

4. The forger is a model prisoner who will probably be out before his sentence is up. Barney is always fighting with the other prisoners during meals.

5. The man in cell 4 never has any visitors. Max’s girlfriend and Barney’s wife visit them a lot.

6. Ronnie’s cell is between the forger’s cell and cell 4. Both Ronnie and the thief have three more years to serve.

Which man is in which cell and what crime did he commit?

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  1. I think I got it! Wait…I have all the Lucas Miller CDs!

  2. Barney is in cell 1 and is the kidnapper
    Fred is in cell 2 and is a murderer
    Lou is in cell 3 and is a murderer
    Joe is in cell 4 and is the burglar
    Ronnie is in cell 5 and is the blackmailer
    Max is in cell 6 and is the forger

    I’m pretty sure this is the answer, I don’t need the prize since I’m your kid momonmars.
    P.S.- this is a logic puzzle not a math problem.


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