Google Easter Eggs for Christmas

I may never forgive Twirl for getting me started on this…but for just a few minutes…grab your child and have some fun with these. Start with Type in the search box and select “I’m feeling lucky.”

“google gravity” – wait for it…. and then… move your screen window back and forth and up and down, and see what happens. Or try typing in a search term. It just keeps getting better and better. (tee hee)

“askew” – you don’t even need to click on search for this one to work

“find chuck norris” – notice the search option under the search box and suggestions

“let it snow” – watch to see what happens to the little magnifying glass

“google pacman” – maybe a kid with better sense can actually make it work better than me. I’m going to have get Boy Genius on this one!

“google rainbow”

“google guitar” – don’t forget to run your cursor over the strings!

“epic google” –  be sure to look at the bottom of the page and click on “Check out my little brother, Weenie Google!”

and my very favorite

“who is the very cutest person in the world”

These are so much fun! And there are so many more. You try to find some and let me know where they are! Happy surfing!

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