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“What do you want to know today?”

Kidipede is ready with an answer. Thousands of answers. With thousands of articles on history, science, and more.

Welcome to, the online encyclopedia written especially for kids ages 10 to 14. It’s free, and it dates back as one of the earliest online resources for kids. Starting back in 1995, Professor Karen Carr and her students took to the web to engage and inform readers about the ancient world. Today, Kidipede offers a safe environment for your child to surf the web and find some pretty awesome information.

With featured articles, cartoons, and daily quizzes, Kidipede allows you to browse for info based on trending topics, like ‘pope’, ‘meteor’, and ‘Lincoln’, or by most popular searches. Read more about the ancient areas of the world, divided up geographically, or pick a subject you might come across in school. They’ve got resources for Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Math, and even Physics. Plus, teachers can find free lesson plans and projects at the ready, particularly ideal for Middle School Social Studies.

So what is there to find on Kidipede? A little bit of everything. If it has to do with ancient civilizations, science, or history, Kidipede provides an easy to read explanation with links for further research and reading. Each topic has subheadings that can help your child narrow their search or broaden their scope of knowledge. Instead of scrolling across the wide and winding web of Wikipedia, Kidipede provides direct and reliable answers that are safe for kids to explore.

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Want to know more about, say,  daily life in West Asia? Go to the general info page, or delve deeper with pages on food, clothing, games, and more. Kidipede gives kids an easy way to navigate cultures and histories, and answers their questions along the way.

Next time you’re wondering about Stone Age art or Chinese Philosophy, check Kidipede for a fast, informative answer. Who knows, it may turn into an afternoon of exploration!

If you like what you read, think about buying a subscription for just $15 a year. That gives you and your child access to all the information on Kidipede without all the ads. And it supports a pretty awesome online resource.

Take a minute to do some online investigations on Kidipede…learn anything new? Share in the comments below.

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